Season One: Stranded - by Rei Vegan
Orcinus, a deep-space exploring cetacean, is marooned by a rogue anomalie until the Nautica happens accross his derelict ship. The Captain makes sure he's well taken care of. But it seems there's more to worry about than annomalies in this sector.

First Post: May 1st, 2003
Final Post: January 1st 2004
Length: 12 pages
Medium: Black and White & Color (Digital)

Season Two: Terraform - by Rei Vegan
The Nautica comes across their first candidate for the terraformation program, but a group of unknown aliens have other plans in mind.  Not to mention the appearance of an assassain, making the captain's life a little harder than it was before.

First Post: February  23rd, 2004
Final Post: June 14th, 2006
Length: 21 pages
Medium: Color (Digital)


Season Three: Castaway - by Rei Vegan
Neesah's whisked away by an omnicient alien teenager to a prestine island on an unknown planet with little chance of ever getting home again. What's worse is that the natives are angry, and the invaders, even more so.

First Post: July 8th, 2006
Final Post: -pending-
Length: -pending-
Medium: Color (Mixed Media)